Team Morph

Our drive

In a changing world, we help organizations succeed and get ready for the future. We offer strategic research, customer insights, business plans, growth strategies, and due diligence reports.

Our services help organizations learn, grow, stay competitive, make smart investment choices, and provide sustainable products and services. We’re passionate and excellent at what we do.

We’re committed to supporting and being accountable for our actions, not just in consulting but also in implementation.


Who we are

Morph International is a skilled team with a senior core group and a network of expert partners. We focus on research, data, digital shifts, business cases, market assessments, and strategy. As hands-on experienced consultants, we know your business and its challenges.

We offer the tools and support for making informed decisions for your business.

Morph is member of global networks like Global Market Research, MOA, Customer Connection and Esomar.


Cas Weijenberg

Morph International Research is led by Cas Weijenberg who has a long track record in market research, market strategy and business development.

Cas Weijenberg (1964) studied Business economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and has 25 years+ experience in market research, marketing strategy and business development. He was founder of Morph International Research, he has set up offices in South East Asia and co-initiated various business initiatives. His broad experience with and knowledge of markets, cultures and sectors enables him to quickly  generate insights and translate those to business plans and business opportunities as well as conduct commercial due diligence projects.

Cas worked for SME’s as well as for multinationals in multiple sectors, a/o in Finance, ICT/media, Healthcare, FMCG, Energy, Private equity, Utilities and Telecommunication.

Cas is an experienced business developer and research director, entrepreneur, networker, strategic innovative thinker, always looking for business opportunities.

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Wim Nieuwenhuijse (associate)

University of Twente & UC Berkeley alumnus Wim Nieuwenhuijse (1965) works for brands in high tech, innovative banking and in a broad array of other international markets. Launched for a/o Philips, TomTom, Unilever, Robeco and Evi products & services. Advised and implemented strategies in FMCG and Telecom. Lead complex digital transformation projects throughout industry chains. Professionalized sales & marketing. Elevated customer satisfaction. Builds B2C and B2B distribution with passionate teams.

Wim uses his broad management experience to help entrepreneurs, companies and private equity in making their next step and helping them realizing goals. A broad, practical thinker & fast doer.

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