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Morph International Research

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What we do

Morph International Research is a full service market research and market strategy agency. We have been guiding clients through their market and customer challenges for more than twenty years. And continuously reinvented ourselves; We are no old school market research agency. In weaving our market data with your strategic goals, we accelerate future business models. We lead brainstorms and business design sessions. We support companies hands-on with developing their growth strategy, customer focus improvement and market development, based on solid research findings.

We are specialized in commercial due diligence for take-overs in private equity and commercial scale-up checks for Venture Capital. Do you want to hear more from our experiences? Just give us a call or reach out to us on Whatsapp at +31652024604 (Cas).

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Morph carries out (inter)national projects on the fields of market research, customer insights, market strategy, business development and commercial due diligence. Both business to business and business to consumer. We also act as temporary external research department for companies, lacking capacity or skills or we act as brainstorm partner to challenge management on their business decisions.

We are a team of seasoned consultants. Who have worked in the business for many years. Who know your industry and its trends. Through our skills, experience and our network we address all kinds of markets, potential investments and customer-related issues, both around the world and around the corner. Contact us and find out more about how we can help you.

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In the past two decades, we have been assisting businesses and organisations in defining and fulfilling their marketing and business objectives.

We work with multinationals as well as SME’s, NGO’s and Private Equity or Venture Capital. And we are earning positive client feedback. Take a look at the sectors or clients we have been working for and get in touch with us.

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Fact based and value driven: seasoned expert partners

Morph International Research

A flexible network organisation with a small core team with seasoned expert partners. Morph brings knowledge on the fields of research, market entries, strategy, customer relations, business design and digital transformation. As experienced consultants, we understand your issues. and we will give you all the guidance and support that you will need to make strategic and operational decisions.

Morph operates both national as worldwide. If the international marketplace is your focus and future-proofing your business your goal, Morph and Global Market Research (GMR) are the partners you’re looking for. GMR was founded more than twenty years ago by a group of leading market research firms. Today, the GMR network spans the globe with offices in 26 countries. Morph is the Dutch partner of the network.

And while we all might live in different time zones and speak different languages, we all share the same vision: to offer our clients a trusted global network of local expertise. Help them adapting to changing markets and mindsets. By keeping them on top of relevant trends and new developments, both throughout the world and around the corner.

business development | commercial due diligence | market research | customer insights | strategy | interim management

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The Hague Tech
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M: +31 6 52 02 46 04

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