Own the data and make it meaningful: The new winners in the energy sector

It is a common sight in a lot of households: smart energy meters, for almost free delivered at your doorstep when you decide to buy your electricity from a new supplier. In the Netherlands, half of the households have a smart meter now; expectation is that by next year the 80% threshold is surpassed. Read more

Sustainable cashflow: How to make your EBITDA Green & Mean. Pitfalls and quick wins

Sustainable, Circular, Emission free. All buzz words a business owner can’t do without these days. But how impactful is your company already? Because at Morph, we see many companies unwittingly embracing their sustainable future in sales and their in-house operations. Read more

House for sale. How strategic prefab partnerships are changing the housing market

As a very traditional industry, construction has never been at the forefront of innovative change in way of working. However, with the increasing pressure on carbon neutral operations, the low availability of craftmanship and the innovations with subcontractors, building new houses are at the eve of massive change. Read more


FoodTech: Grasshoppers, algae and ugly bananas. Evolution on the retail shelf

Cupcakes made from grasshoppers, pasta with protein-rich algae, spinach fusilli and munching chips from orphaned bananas that did not stand the beauty test.

Just some developments from the retail food front. Grocery shelves will have different facings in the years to come. Read more