Commercial due diligence

What is commercial due diligence?

Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) is a process where businesses or investors carefully investigate and analyze key aspects of a potential investment or partnership. At Morph, we are assessing the target company’s market position, competition, financial performance, and overall business environment.

The main components of Morph’s Commercial Due Diligence include:

  1. Market Analysis: Understanding where the company stands in its market and predicting future trends.
  2. Competitive Landscape: Assessing how the company, its products & services compares to its rivals and understanding their strategies.
  3. Customer Analysis: Evaluating the customer base and satisfaction levels to predict future performance.
  4. Revenue and Profitability: Scrutinizing financial statements to assess revenue, profitability, and financial health.
  5. Operational Considerations: Examining the efficiency of operations, its state of digitization and identifying any potential risks.
  6. Management and Team: Evaluating the competence and experience of the company.


Why do you need Commercial Due Diligence?

The goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the target business, helping investors make informed decisions during transactions. Commercial due diligence is crucial for managing risks and making sound strategic investment choices.

We created our own assessment benchmark: the Morph Value Component Analysis (VCA).  It benchmarks where a company excels and pinpoints improvement areas.

We are executing a CDD together with the current management team. The outcome is not only an analysis, but contains also scenario planning for scale-up activities.

We help with activities before but also after a business acquisition. This includes making business plans or 100 days action plans, and keeping an eye on how things go after the acquisition.

If you’re considering strategic add-ons, we also do customer and market analyses. This ensures that your future cash flow planning makes sense and integration is more smooth.

Morph carries out CDD’s for Private Equity as well as strategic buyers who want to extend their footprint in new markets.



What markets do we cover?

  • Energy transition
  • Construction & engineering
  • Food
  • Business & consumer services
  • Manufacturing
  • Appliances