What we do


In the last 20 years Morph carried out hundreds of market and marketing research and consultancy projects:

  • Customer insights and customer needs
  • Concept and product tests
  • Commercial Due Diligence
  • Market  assessment and market entry studies
  • Communication, Image and Positioning surveys
  • Customer Journey surveys
  • Customer satisfaction and Loyalty surveys
  • Market Segmentation

The outcomes have been used to:  

  • Explore markets & build business cases
  • Transform insights into ideas, concepts and business opportunities
  • Attract, retain and win back customers
  • Improve the customer satisfaction and NPS scores
  • Build relationships between companies and its customers
  • Substantiate and validate marketing and investment decisions

We also offered research or marketing services for organisations lacking capacity or skills. Thereby acting as temporary external marketing department or as interim research or project manager.

Fields of expertise

Morph focuses its services in the following areas:

Commercial Due Diligence

Forward looking cashflow assessment for private equity acquisitions as well as a commercial scale-up check for Venture Capital.

Topics: Market sizing, market trends & developments, tech assessment, competition, staff/leadership, quality of operational basics and network, continuity of the business, customer engagement

Growth strategy

Identifying new market opportunities and developing market strategies, in order to adapt to the rapidly changing market conditions, generations and technical developments.

Research topics: market opportunities, proposition, market segmentation, go-to-markets, digital transformation.

Customer focus and stakeholder experience

Establishing and maintaining meaningful and profitable relationships between companies and their customers, suppliers and employees.

Research topics: trust, loyalty, customer journey, drivers for behaviour, engagement, satisfaction, customer experience, relationship models

Business and product development

Developing new concepts/products/campaigns that tap into new values, generations and market opportunities

Research Topics: innovation, product and concept development, concept testing

Tools and techniques

  • Market research tools (Online & offline)
  • Expert interviews
  • Focus group sessions
  • Innovation and business design sessions
  • Brainstorm sessions with management
  • Writing or assessing Business Plans
  • Desk Research
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Network meetings
  • Partner search
  • Online survey reporting