How to handle door handles:

A CDD into luxury architectural design.

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Door handles, knobs & window openers. We touch them every day, everywhere. But have you ever imagined the sheer size of this industry? The global market for ironware is large. Estimated at a staggering EUR 7 billion and still growing with 4%. As construction of private and business housing keeps expanding, it is a highly competitive landscape. But also, a market, where, if you find your niche, scale-up can go fast.

The luxury hardware market is highly determined by architectural design; no wonder as door handles are very visible. Architects want to set the design standards. And those companies that can deliver their high demands are winners.

Morph executed the commercial due diligence for the partnership between NewPort Capital and Formani, a globally renowned luxury brand in architectural hardware.

Headquartered near Maastricht, its luxury door ware is being sold in 50 countries through retailers, architects or project developers. With the help of NewPort, Formani will be able to accelerate its international growth and broaden its offering in luxurious interior hardware. The collections, from door hardware to a total concept, are developed in collaboration with top international designers such as Gensler, David Rockwell, Lázaro Rosa-Violán and Piet Boon.

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