Buy & build:

Choose your investment criteria carefully

By Cas Weijenberg & Wim Nieuwenhuijse

Investment decisions in acquisitions are often complex processes with many questions to answer: Is the quality of the participation good? Are we paying the right price? What risks do we face in the future? But above all: does it fit well in our portfolio?

At Morph, we make these choices easier. We assist with investment decisions for private equity, venture capital, and growth companies seeking buy-and-build opportunities. Using our own developed and tested criteria, we can quickly perform an initial scan of the potential of an acquisition prior to a thorough commercial due diligence. We focus in this first phase on the commercial capabilities and growth opportunities, relying on business facts rather than lengthy market analyses.

With the same criteria, we help select a top-5 from a long list of acquisition candidates—swiftly and with practical considerations.

How do you handle these decisions? Do you follow a structured flow with selection and evaluation criteria, or do you base your choices on current market opportunities?

We are happy to discuss the potential pitfalls of your next acquisition. Just contact Cas or Wim at Morph.